The empowerment of all

It’s historical.  Biological.  Sustainable even.  Two birds with one stone. It’s why feminism is the militancy towards equal opportunities to all.  In understanding that by empowering women, mothers and grandmothers, all members of society, independently of their gender, are empowered too.   What does empowerment mean, this so in-fashion word? The belief and the condition […]

1st Step is Commitment.  

Not without observance.  And belief in transformation.  Creation.   Get healthier? Get our art out? Get deeper in our relationship? Get closer to our truth? Get truer in our uniqueness?   Haaaa. Experience life. Unveiling the confusion, sieving through the chaos and accept the indecipherable simplicity of being. I commit to the path, wherever it […]

Vulnerability is power… really?!

Read Brené Brown’s work to understand why this statement has resonated with so many of us and has allowed us to make friends with our imperfections, fear of acceptance, and need of approval. When we can reach a state where we are able to share the part of us that need care, we feel liberated […]


Like the birds and the wind, the water and the vale, the sand with the heat, the bees with their sting, rocks with their weight… We are emotional creatures. It is what it is. We would not be us without the feelings. So, the sooner we observe and own the reality of the way we […]

Looking up… the journey.

Looking up even when things seem to be upon me,… is a journey.   Stay with what there is. Sadness, the longing, the tremendous unknown territory of what is wrong when everything is just right. And then, through wet eyes, blocked nose, finding the breath, finding the focus, the Sat nam. Allow it to fire […]
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