The modern yogi

Merging ancient and modern technologies.

I love this picture.

There are more of me actually teaching my last class as a trainee at Karam Kriya School, dynamically demonstrating forward bends and loudly vibrating Sat nam.

However none is as peculiar as this one, where I’m not sitting up straight with hands in prayer position but rather taking one last look at the key words I will use to describe our Ten Bodies whilst setting the timer on my smart phone.

Modern apps help us learning the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga and hopefully merging them all in a cunning way.

In any case, the mind is loving and being thrilled by the challenge of having to give more space to the heart and a lot more voice to intuition.

Holding spaces has never felt so honourable.

As I touch the mere surface of these teachings, I know that my evolution as a teacher will include continuous reading and studying.

But the energies at play in this world are far beyond the information I can gather and the knowledge of thousands of Kriyas to memorise.

As I dive deeper in this discipline, funny enough, I start to confirm I have it all within me already, all is enough, and the greatest part of the transmissions are made in silence.

The divine is silent, because the divine is within and speaks directly to each of us.

Looking forward to seeing you at a studio near me soon.