Watch the frames, carefully.
What seems to be the same and it isn’t.
Don’t fall asleep and miss it.
The change may be close.
Read the signals.
Notice what there is.
And don’t give in for a pattern.
All may turn direction.
Or quality.
Or sense.
Break definitions.
Grow to show something new and original.
Who are you, if not who you have shown to others so far?
Then much beyond than that.
Everyday, every step, the possibility of a different place.
A different version of you.
Even if the slightest.
I shall not take things for granted.
Why would I, if the beauty is in the metamorphosis.
Watch the frames of life.
Nothing is exactly how it used to be.

Explore your authenticity.
Who you are, what you want, who you want.
Let’s see where your frames can take you.