The 5th step is Grace

Why would smoothness and elegance of movement be important in the path of happiness? Why would effortless good will be important. Why would manners and decorum be important? Why would distinction and honour be important? Why would the quality to magnify and elevate be important? In the commitment to develop character and dignifying the divinity […]

“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Well, there’s nothing strange about their case. We have parts of us we choose not to express. We behave differently according to our surrounding, and often we shape our emotional wrapping depending on who we are with.   Then, when we become intimate and safe with others our wrapping becomes more transparent. The voices raise, […]

The empowerment of all

It’s historical.  Biological.  Sustainable even.  Two birds with one stone. It’s why feminism is the militancy towards equal opportunities to all.  In understanding that by empowering women, mothers and grandmothers, all members of society, independently of their gender, are empowered too.   What does empowerment mean, this so in-fashion word? The belief and the condition […]

1st Step is Commitment.  

Not without observance.  And belief in transformation.  Creation.   Get healthier? Get our art out? Get deeper in our relationship? Get closer to our truth? Get truer in our uniqueness?   Haaaa. Experience life. Unveiling the confusion, sieving through the chaos and accept the indecipherable simplicity of being. I commit to the path, wherever it […]

Learning how to work with your business partner I

We had such a revelatory time together. Put two self-employed practitioners together. Both with years of research and experience, many hours of client work, their own classes and coaching approach.  Ask them to create a programme about expressing desire and boundaries authentically.  Ask them to give their best. And wait for drama… Yes! Pure revelation. […]