New year resolutions? Where are they?

Fall is a gorgeous season.

After the swim in the waters of new ideas, original projects, new collaborations, is it time to layer myself under the nourishing soil and harnessing the energy received from the fruits of my work and love, seizing the inspiration that will come from the longing I know I will feel in the next months?

Perhaps that’s why I love my work between Summer and Winter.

Because there is a calm, settled energy to it, where I share my self in what feels to be more homogeneously and I receive my clients as an observer, present and in acceptance, whilst we all get ready for the changes we yearn for. Yes, me included.

Only by holding what there is in a respectful way, giving it time, we can sow the seeds for what needs to happen in a path of more health and more creativity.

There is a time for each stage. Like a surfer watches the waves attentively before getting in the water, gets into the flow, into the rhythm. Become a wave themselves. Like an eagle who scans the skies before a flying off the cliff, gets into the flow, into the rhythm. Become the wind themselves.

We too, shall observe our surrounding and internal environments. Become the body and the mind we long for, giving power to the intention, and gathering what we need to flow into our essence. Seeds of selves. We all are.

So yes, this is the ideal time and I invite you to start your health program or attend one of my beautiful support workshops.
New year resolutions must start now, on the shore, at the edge of the cliff, of our lives.

Fall is a gorgeous season.