The beauty of the things we miss…

Excited with the amazing sea on the side of our drive, the sun, the heat, the wind and the music, I tried to take a photo to record the moment. Most of my trials were out of focus, missing the line of water, the vegetation, finger blurred,
… and then there was this shot!

The beauty of this man and his movement showed up in my image. And I doubt I would have been able to photograph him if I tried. Not like this.

Whilst I was seeking to freeze my individual experience with the elements, the opportunity brought me a total different focal point which changed my whole interpretation of the moment.

Suddenly everything else became less important and I appreciated the rarity of catching the runner, in action, in such good framing.

This is the illustration of the infinite situations we may be missing in life just because we force our attention to capture certain moments, to attain certain goals.

But life also brings us occasions when we face alternative views, unrelated scenarios, different perspectives.

As attached as I am to my projects, I have been learning not to resist the things that take me away from my plans. Sometimes I see them first as mistakes, obstacles, stains in the picture.

Then, some of those glitches become clearer, gain definition and even turn into processes I end up investigating a bit further.

And dangerous.
Because as I tend to see potentiality in most things that I come across with, there is always the risk of getting distracted with all there is around. So my dance is between keeping to my protocols and allow the input of unpredictability.

Sometimes the magic really comes from the unexpected.