Praise yourself

Waking up for the activities of the day, washing, massaging, hydrating and covering my body in comfort and style, brushing my long hair, wrapping it with a cosy scarf, and highlighting my eyes, all with the colour of communication, clarity, discernment, because that’s what I need inspiration with these days. The rituals help me to […]

The Path of Happiness

“Happiness is the mastery of the spiritual facet of human life.” YB So to separate it from enlightenment or awakening, I feel it as the process of experiencing being spiritual as a human. And ‘being rather than doing’ is the challenging part of it. We can talk about spiritual concepts and spiritual practices all we […]

One Year’s reflection

My intention for my first week of the new year is to reflect on my last year. Such is the gratitude, I shall dedicate respectful time to the challenges and to the achievements.. And here I shall acknowledge my successes: ? The natural elements and the physical sensations I draw out of experiencing them. ? […]

Shall we forge a New Year resolution for more pleasure?

May this inspire us… I often teach how we are hard wired for happiness: under the right circumstances, as soon as we have an opportunity, we heal from trauma. Normally it takes a whole different approach to life and often it does not pass by over analysing or even understanding the emotional process. Oxytocin metabolism […]

Feeling soft, inwards, reflective.

Nervous to do a retrospective of my 2018 and feeling depressed for not having achieved ALL that I desired, soon after I feel compassionate. And grateful. For all my attempts. For all my conquests. And for all my choices. Including those of not attaining. The message I received from many sources for 2018 was to […]

Free Guided Meditation

How do we find the opportunities to truly be who and how we want to be? Is it by having? Knowing? Achieving? It is definitely by the choices we make, opening pathways, leaving the unnecessary behind, over and over again, reaching one step further in the non-linear path towards a vision. Have you came up […]

This participant’s feedback says it all.

So much can be shifted with such little doing… First, get used to the idea we are beings with desires, needs, fears, and shame.  Then we handle limitations. And continuously we develop an intimate relationship with ourselves.  This takes practice.  Join my events in 2019 to experience it all. And give yourself a treat. Make Christmas happen every […]

All means ALL…

Including women. The voices of dissatisfaction and disagreement but also of solutions and creativity. The higher pitch in the room. The natural differential use of vocabulary. Even of gramar. The questioning in science, the taste of experiences, the interpretation of results. If different journeys tailor the forth thinking, being born with a vulva or the […]

The 5th step is Grace

Why would smoothness and elegance of movement be important in the path of happiness? Why would effortless good will be important. Why would manners and decorum be important? Why would distinction and honour be important? Why would the quality to magnify and elevate be important? In the commitment to develop character and dignifying the divinity […]

Vulnerability is power… really?!

Read Brené Brown’s work to understand why this statement has resonated with so many of us and has allowed us to make friends with our imperfections, fear of acceptance, and need of approval. When we can reach a state where we are able to share the part of us that need care, we feel liberated […]