Vulnerability is power… really?!

Read Brené Brown’s work to understand why this statement has resonated with so many of us and has allowed us to make friends with our imperfections, fear of acceptance, and need of approval. When we can reach a state where we are able to share the part of us that need care, we feel liberated from pressures, and we feel closer to our dear ones.

However, how can we get there?

Disclosing our susceptibilities in a world we perceive as frightening, oppressive, and unpredictable would seem the last thing to do. There is a good reason why we hide our weaknesses from predators, to those who could use those qualities to harm us, either physically or emotionally.

For example, I would not want to share my troubles with people if I felt they would use that information to play against me in a harsh competitive environment. It’s common sense.

Another example could be getting to a social scenario not having the knowledge or the experience to be at ease and enjoy my time there. I could end up not being able to handle the situation, my boundaries.

Whilst exposing ourselves to new situations and new experiences may have the wonderful taste of adventure, vulnerability sometimes comes with a harsh a price and it may not feel at all powerful.

I believe that behind Brown’s concept we must consider self-empowerment, i.e., gathering intuitive tools, intelligent habits, self-awareness practices which help us to be present with our selves and our own processes so whatever the challenges presented by a situation we feel we can hold ourselves during the experience.

Taking the previous examples, if I have the intuition to understand my environment then I will know how I can stay connected to my internal processes, with whom I can share my needs, how to keep conversations open and making sure I am in consent with what I am doing, at all times.

When I understand my environment, I can be vulnerable.

When I feel safe, I can show my susceptibilities.

When I have taken care of myself, I am in a better place to connect with others.

That’s what I call being empowered.

Then, from that place I show myself and I am truthful.