All means ALL…

Including women. The voices of dissatisfaction and disagreement but also of solutions and creativity. The higher pitch in the room. The natural differential use of vocabulary. Even of gramar. The questioning in science, the taste of experiences, the interpretation of results. If different journeys tailor the forth thinking, being born with a vulva or the […]

“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Well, there’s nothing strange about their case. We have parts of us we choose not to express. We behave differently according to our surrounding, and often we shape our emotional wrapping depending on who we are with.   Then, when we become intimate and safe with others our wrapping becomes more transparent. The voices raise, […]


Like the birds and the wind, the water and the vale, the sand with the heat, the bees with their sting, rocks with their weight… We are emotional creatures. It is what it is. We would not be us without the feelings. So, the sooner we observe and own the reality of the way we […]