The 6th step is Sacrifice

Oh no!

The weight of this word!!!

Do you mean I cannot have the cake and eat it?

Overall, victimhood has no place in sacrifice, for which I renounce to something as an offering to the outcome.

What I renounce to is likely to be a matter of life itself because sacrifice is always imposed by conflict (at least of priorities) and it transpires loss and abandonment.

So sacrifice requires change of circumstances, my own agency in that change, and the maintenance of sovereignty as I am the executor of that change.

In abdicating from something valued, I am consciously receiving that which I regard as more important. And the sooner I admit my ‘sacrifices’ are part of my strategy to get closer to my goals, the sooner I surrender to the offering and I can no longer call it sacrifice as before.

Let’s ask ourselves what is that we appreciate so much in our sacrifices.

What are the parts in our existence we must accept in order to own our choices.

We replace the word ‘sacrifice’ by ‘conditioned choice’.
Then we may give up the idea we are victims and elevate ourselves with the conscious decisions we make everyday.

And we get closer to Happiness…

(inspired by “Seven Steps to Happiness” by Yogi Bhajan 6/7)