Time to be truly ourselves

We shall turn… The abuse into respect. The aches of our planet into sustainability. The addiction into passion. The annihilation into inclusion. The conformity into creativity. The conservative into progress. The destruction into beauty. The distraction into focus. The fear into prosperity. The fitting in into diversity. The lies into truth. The oppression into support. […]

Autumn, a time for hope…

Why governments approve destruction of natural habitats? Why haven’t we found fast sustainable ways of travelling? Why pharmaceutical companies control decisions on medical protocols? Why sexual freedom is persecuted? Why farmers are made hostage to GMO companies? Why labour, economical and social rights are gender discriminating? Why are we fed negative or false news ALL […]

Connecting with my fellow beings.

The multiverse version of our existence considers different Kingdoms of consciousness, where ‘things’ show different matter, shapes, skills, qualities, and focus. Classification from minerals, to plants, to deities, to laws of natures, virtues help us to observe and comprehend everything around us. Or at least try. I find it helps me to connect with other […]