Time to be truly ourselves

We shall turn…
The abuse into respect.
The aches of our planet into sustainability.
The addiction into passion.
The annihilation into inclusion.
The conformity into creativity.
The conservative into progress.
The destruction into beauty.
The distraction into focus.
The fear into prosperity.
The fitting in into diversity.
The lies into truth.
The oppression into support.
The persecuted into freedom.
The rant into change.
The suppression into expression.
The useless into simplicity.

As above so below.
As within so without.
As for nature so for humans.
And so it is.

Women living in the shadow.
No more.
It is time to be truly ourselves.
And we are not to conform.
We shall not ask for permission.
We shall bring the light forth.
Not in the shadow.
No more.