Freedom is…

Definition of freedom. Where my feet take me may well be just what I need. Roaming the streets of Kings Cross, finishing some work chores, and preparing to go to an intimate party I realise the introvert in me needed tending. Apologetically I cancelled my social arrangements knowing my dear friends would also honour my […]

Time to be truly ourselves

We shall turn… The abuse into respect. The aches of our planet into sustainability. The addiction into passion. The annihilation into inclusion. The conformity into creativity. The conservative into progress. The destruction into beauty. The distraction into focus. The fear into prosperity. The fitting in into diversity. The lies into truth. The oppression into support. […]

All means ALL…

Including women. The voices of dissatisfaction and disagreement but also of solutions and creativity. The higher pitch in the room. The natural differential use of vocabulary. Even of gramar. The questioning in science, the taste of experiences, the interpretation of results. If different journeys tailor the forth thinking, being born with a vulva or the […]

The empowerment of all

It’s historical.  Biological.  Sustainable even.  Two birds with one stone. It’s why feminism is the militancy towards equal opportunities to all.  In understanding that by empowering women, mothers and grandmothers, all members of society, independently of their gender, are empowered too.   What does empowerment mean, this so in-fashion word? The belief and the condition […]


Like the birds and the wind, the water and the vale, the sand with the heat, the bees with their sting, rocks with their weight… We are emotional creatures. It is what it is. We would not be us without the feelings. So, the sooner we observe and own the reality of the way we […]

What if freedom was our new form of security

What if… With the absolute confirmation that old patterns, old societal systems, old health approaches, old anthropocentric philosophies, male-centred hierarchies, white-privilege and capital-accumulation finances are taking us down the hole of self-destruction… It seems rather logic that the solutions will come from connecting to each individual where we all are at, not where we all […]