“Nothing will work unless you do.”

Don’t take this wrong.

I’m all for being before doing.

For all of you out there already ready to criticise the industrious attitude towards business and profit, tight schedules, ‘living for work’ jobs, I get you. We know the disease and dissatisfaction that comes with that stuff.

I’m also all for taking a rest and NOT working sometimes. In fact, if we “work” all the time, we burn out. And that’s why I like to interpret Angelou’s words to that deeper level, to the humorous and truthful level she normally spoke from.

“Nothing will work unless you do” is an obvious advice yet…

We want our business to be productive but some of us are dragging our feet to work.

We want our creations to flow, but our thoughts are stuck to old beliefs.

We want our relationships to be truthful, but we don’t accept what we really need or like.

We want to live in a healthy environment, but we don’t make crucial choices to be healthier in our bodies.

We want to have peace in the world, but we can’t find peace within ourselves.

Now, let’s imagine us out of the equation of all those ideas of ours, our endeavours, … they would just be pretty stale, right?!

We are the start engine of everything else that needs to function.

So the apparently selfish act of taking care of our needs…

is not short of generosity for the world.