My anger, have you seen it?

You have seen nothing!

I have seen very little myself.

But I thought I had seen it all…


How angry can I be?

I am not broth boiling in a pressure cook.

Dancing, crying, shouting have done a lot for me. Pain, Kundalini yoga another bit.

I do not bottle things up, least I shove them under the carpet.

When I’m angry I KNOW I am angry.

It is  just I can’t bring myself to be the irate person towards others?

Enough of that!

Nowadays I see the fear, the trauma, the dormant essence in another human beings.



what a bunch of bollocks!!!


The fact is that I feel angry at:


– political leaders who protect the interest of a few and themselves at the cost nature, people and their cultures. I am so angry at you!


– the common voter who is so lost, so fearful, so scarce of compassion that it goes to extend of casting their choice for mysoginistic, homophobic, xenophobic, destructive politicians delaying our societies progress away from fascism.  I am so angry at you!


– the ‘guru’ personalities who gaining admiration from people who they have inspired now take the liberty to manipulate, suppress, control and abuse their followers causing long term trauma.  I am so angry at you!


– the in-the-know followers of those gurus, who did nothing to inform and warn other potential receptors of that abuse.  Particularly, women, who under an invisible cloak of shame and jealousy stayed in the shadow of organisations watching unmoved, rewarded, other women falling right in front of them.  I am so angry at you!


– women who dressed with sparkly, soothing voices of adulation fawn me into a false sense of sisterhood just to vomit their anger and resentment at me at their awaited opportunity.  I can see the spiteful foam coming out of your mouth as you gag to show me how much you hate me and I am so angry at you!


– the hot, intelligent, funny, kind lover… who did not stick for the play, who took it too seriously, who did not take it seriously enough, who run like a lizard at the face of the serpent, growled at me like a mad traumatised wild dog, who did not wait to get to know me better, who took too many conclusions about my personality, who did not see the goddess in me, who put me on a pedestal, who preferred the less complicated one, who found me too dull, who were too free and too co-dependent. I. Am. So. Angry. At. You!


Seeing my mentor ever so often, meditating daily, reading the teachings, ranting and laughing with my best friends, cuddling with my daughter, my own coaching exercises and a few bowls of collagen dense bone broth have me transmutating this anger.


So it does not have to look like in the movies and in the far away lands where bombs are dropped and there is current genocide.


In fact, anger is part of our divine right to oblige change.  The change may be in myself, my environment, my understanding on things rather on the other, whilst the other is just a painting of possibilities.  A play-ground for my own anger workout.


So I thank you for making me so angry at you!


And… you have seen nothing!