The Path of Happiness

“Happiness is the mastery of the spiritual facet of human life.” YB

So to separate it from enlightenment or awakening, I feel it as the process of experiencing being spiritual as a human.
And ‘being rather than doing’ is the challenging part of it.

We can talk about spiritual concepts and spiritual practices all we want, whilst experiencing the general flow of cosmic energy, the connection to our origin and feeling the infinite version of ourselves, without drugs, is a whole different thing.
(Particularly in those triggering situations many of us had around this time of the year, yup!)

So, the Seven Steps to Happiness are as follows, and I intend to dedicate the next few months exploring what these mean in more detail (see previous posts for a little bit more on each of the steps)

I – Commitment

II – Character

III – Dignity

IV – Divinity

V – Grace

VI – Sacrifice

VII – Happiness