There is only thing more important than Truth…

There is a white wall I look at every day where I should write this in big letters.


We are all doing our best.

We’ve developed certain values and we imagine a world where these are prioritised.

Not seldom we identify where things are going pear-shaped, when the freedom of choice, of speech, of identity is not respected.  Basic rights are not practiced, different privileges taint our opportunities in life and the access to health and culture is unequal.  We miss connection and we struggle to sail through the lies we get when communicating with others.  Particularly in matters that are so relevant to us.  We are stereotyped according to our sexuality, and we are denied the spaces where to express our unique beauty, in collaborative ways, in inclusion, and diversity.


Then there’s the other side of things.

On a path of self-development we tap into the truth within. And we long to see this truth manifested outwardly.

To be accepted. To belong.

So how can truth be ‘true’ when ‘action’ faces so many obstacles?


Experience has taught me being in community is essential.

Being it locally, at distance, even supported by online tools.

But practice tells me we also need our private commitment, discipline, sadhana. So we tune in, nourish, take care of our internal physical and emotional environment and we try to inspire the groups we belong to, whilst knowing we can be supported in our path by others too.


These days I miss my Woman-of-Me sangat. My DARE participants. My conscious sexuality mates. My expanded consciousness magic siblings. My practical homeopathy colleagues. And other communities I belong to within which I feel at home.

It is time to reconnect, it is time to come together and inspire each other into Truth Action.

Oh, integrity, is a tough practice. Yet, a good one to aspire too.