My wedding ring

I have always wanted an ornate, gold, conspicuous nose earring and it was time to change my stud. So I started with a titanium-gold one.

But this whole thing about body piercing does not go without much reflection. Same in regards to tattoos.

I grew up in a culture where little girls are ear pierced a few months after birth but luckily, my very progressive parents did not make any decisions over my body on my behalf and I remained with my original holes only until I was an adult.

Nose piercings come with an extra layer of meaning. In many cultures, on the day of their wedding, the groom gives a gold nose ring to his wife who will wear it pierced right on the fertility spot, according to acupuncture.


I don’t like the idea of being pierced or marked by anyone else but me, let alone as a display of my social status or a give away of my personal intentions.
But I do like the beauty and the ornamentation of our bodies. I would love if we all would wear more jewellery, flowers, extravagant colours and original designs.

So in order to resolve this first, I pierced my nose on the acupuncture point related to kidneys and fear instead, hoping to feel energetically more supported in times I need courage and trust in my life.
And as for the ring, which is also seen in brewed animals around the world… I decided it is to be my own wedding ring.

The marriage, I have with myself.  A reminder that I wish to relate to others from a place of higher authenticity and integrity with myself.

Just as I would do in my marriage to others, I want to offer my best, my needs, my boundaries, my blocks and my greatest gifts, relating to my ever changing processes with dedication, compassion and adventure, to myself.


“When I do not know who I am, I serve you and when I do know who I am, you and I are One.”
– Tulsidas Ramayana