21 days Yoga – Online

Zoom 7:30-9:00 am daily
Morning yoga for support and transformation

We are physically separated and we can still come together as a community and start our own practice for a healthy body and a balanced mind.

Join 21 days of Kundalini Yoga practice.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take time for yourself with a technology that nourishes, exercises and detoxifies in a truly wholesome manner.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan ®

7:30am – 9:00am

March 30th – April 19th

Live stream through Zoom

Access on-demand via Facebook


Week 1 – Safety – Muscular & Tissue health, Root & Sacral chakras
Week 2 – Trust – Fear & Love, Solar and Heart chakras
Week 3 – Transformation – Expression & Thoughts, Throat and Third Eye chakras
  • I teach a different class every day at 7:30am GMT, via Zoom.
  • Each class will be saved on an exclusive Facebook group and it will be available during 24 hours.
  • a good wifi connection able to stream zoom video meeting
  • and/or Facebook account to attend the class at a later time of the day.
  • loose layered clothing
  • a mat
  • a blanket
  • cushion / bolster
  • water bottle

£30 – full access during 21 days

£10 – per class


1. Send your payment via Paypal


2. select the amount you wish to pay and make sure the payment reaches the account in full (Use Friends & Family option)

3. send me a message confirming your option, starting date and the email address which you will use to receive the zoom links.

Alternatively, you may register via this link


  • learn the core practice of Kundalini Yoga
  • establish a fitness practice
  • cover the essential needs of our body with breathing and movement
  • take time to reset the mind with powerful and achievable meditations
  • become aware of your requirements and get to know yourself better
  • expand your limitations, strengths and resilience
  • develop a stable, focused and strong mind to overcome the challenges of present times
  • open the heart and find compassion for your self
  • understand the nature of being human that is beyond intellectual interpretations
  • fun in discovering how different you may feel during 21 days of practice
  • admiration and gratitude for your immune response, your emotions, your ability to transform darkness into light ❤️

⚡️Why is your video important

– if you join us with video on I will have the opportunity to see you in practice, to have a peek on how you are doing and attend to any adjustments I may find important to suggest to you in your practice. Also you will give other students the chance to feel part of the community and grow your sangat through the virtual world.

⚡️Why Facebook group

– as a student you may benefit from discussing the class, the exercises or any other matter that may be relevant to your practice. This is not imperative and in fact, I admire those who can stay away from social media. Yet, if you already use FB, then it may be of great benefit to connect with the rest of us.

⚡️Why 21 days

– the UK government has announced the Corona-related isolation regulations shall be in place during 3 weeks. During this time, it is important to address our requirements for movement and mental rest, both highly supported by Kundalini Yoga practice.

– I also like the number as a starting point for any new practice.
We are likely to continue for longer though, because the best is to do it for 40 days minimum, so… you can already plan ahead