Authentic Women Gathering – London Circles

Communication skills for self empowerment

In 2018, we created the women circles we had been longing for: The Authentic Women Gathering. And we are now back in person every 4th Thursday of the month in London.


What can be created when women come together willing to:
✩ develop a more intimate relationship with ourselves and others
✩ be empowered and lead a life of sovereignty
✩ overcome barriers and sustain a creative lifestyle
✩ open up about our deepest truths and be seen in our uniqueness?





I believe women’s unique experiences and gifts contribute to make a better world possible, and women’s circles are powerful caldrons where we get to experience what is possible. Inspiring, supportive, holding.


At the same time, thousands of years of female prosecution have left many of us without guidelines of how to be in this world, occupy a space that is our birthright, get what we need, and establish relationships we aspire to create. Some of us struggle to know what is our own truth and we may now know how to make choices that best serve our interests. Others fear to be rejected, abandoned and never to be seen for what we really want to be.


The patriarchal hierarchic system has highlighted the devastating effects of competition and scarcity leading to feelings of jealousy, victimhood, and passive agressiveness.


The individual struggles for equity have often lead us to experiences of solitude, isolation and resentment, also towards other women.




Luckily, most of us know that we can heal division and discrimination by sharing space together.
In conscious communication, we open our hearts and welcome new ways of interacting with each other by learning and practicing Authentic Relating, a discipline that helps us:


➙ reveal ourselves.
➙ overcome personal barriers to interact
➙ expand our capacity to listen to each other’s diverse realities
➙ express our inner authenticity whilst keeping connection


In learning how and being witnessed by other women, we enhance our sense of networking, community and mutual support. We also take away skills that may have a tremendous impact on how you communicate in the outside world, with friend and family members, partners, children and at work.



★★★★★ Our community members say the AWG circles are a great opportunity to:

★ Cut through the chitchat and relax about meeting others
★ Observe what is present and communicate without getting lost in thoughts
★ Reveal my self to my self.
★ Practice active listening and indulge in having someone listening to me.
★ Discover what is my strong feminine
★ Socialise and have some time just for myself
★ Be open to other women.
★ To feel entirely in my body when I communicate


Adriana’s WOMAN OF ME programme sits at the base of these circles calling in the values of authenticity, openness, self-responsibility, consent, presence, intimacy, good health, and connection.


You will learn and practice Adriana’s leading method through self-reflection, communication paired and group exercises, gentle movement, and inner contemplation.

✓ develop tools for self awareness
✓ play curiosity and connection games with one or more partners
✓ observe how to reveal yourself authentically.
✓ explore diversity and gender labels
✓ help design a context that feels gradually safer to you and others
✓ give feedback as co-creation process for the following circles.
✓ discuss ways we can network, support, provide and receive help from each other.





Date: 4th Thursday of the month


Pencil in the next 6 sessions:
– Jan 26th
– Feb 23rd
– Mar 23rd
– Apr 27th
– May 25th
– Jun 22nd


Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm


Location: London (NW5, UK) – address details on registration


Please make sure you arrive on time. We hold the values of starting together, co-create a container of self-responsibility and cooperation, as well as completing as a group. If you know you are going to be late or having to leave earlier, let us know as soon as possible. Doors open a few minutes earlier to allow time for better arrival.



– layered clothing
– water bottle
– small healthy snack to share
A warm drink will be served.



The Authentic Women Gathering circles are open to all women, females, born with vagina, regardless of your relationship with your identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, experience level, and religious beliefs.



With the aim at nourishing and rooting the gradual process of building trust amongst us all, your regular attendance is encouraged. Spots are very limited and preference will be given to those registering to multi-tickets.


Please book to reserve your place:
1 circle – £29
2 circles – £52
3 circles – £74
4 circles – £93
5 circles – £109
6 circles – £122


Book here:




Adriana is a wellbeing consultant with over 15 years experience as a therapist, educator, relationships adviser and executive leadership coach helping organisations and individuals to establish healthy life styles and successful project performance worldwide. Drawing from her scientific and expanded consciousness studies, Adriana designs transformational courses focused on culture transformation and wellbeing self-awareness.


In 2016, she founded the WOMAN OF ME programme, supporting entrepreneurial and creative women to lead healthier, more conscious and empowered life styles, capable of manifesting their desired relationships and careers. Moderating an international women community online, Adriana offers group and individual mentorship where she combines an extremely diverse wealth of knowledge including female physiological health, primal health, conscious sexuality, high performance teams, authentic relating, co-active coaching, meditation and kundalini yoga. She is a mother, a doula, a lover of life and a dancer at heart and loves finding the missing links of connection.


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