Authentic Women Gathering

3rd Thursday of the month Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm Price: £10
WOMAN OF ME © circles

Focusing on self-care, communication and networking, I am leading a gathering based on my WOMAN OF ME programme.


One Thursday of each month (check dates below)

from 7:00pm – 9:30pm

London UK


Each month we will be covering the principles of Authenticity, Openness, Self-responsibility, Consent, Presence, Intimacy, Health, Connection.




– practice tools for self awareness and reset

– play curiosity and connection games (based on Authentic Relating)

– share what it takes to reveal ourselves authentically.

– explore diversity and gender labels

– give loop feedback as co-creation process for the following circles

– explore ways we can network, support, provide and receive help from each other.



London N1 or NW3

(RSVP for address details)




Something to share (a drink, a tea, mineral water, a snack, some fruit, a token to place it at the centre of our meeting)





BOOKINGS (click the dates to reserve your spot)

2019:  Oct 17Nov 21Dec 12

2020: Jan 16Feb 20Mar 19Apr 30May 21Jun 18



FEEDBACK from participants says “This is a great opportunity to:

✨ Cut through the chitchat and relax about meeting others 

✨ Observe what is present and communicate without getting lost in thoughts 

✨ reveal my self to my self. 

✨ practice active listening and indulge in having someone listening to me. 

✨ discover what is my strong feminine 

✨ socialise and have some time just for myself

✨ be open to other women. 



When women come to be together, things feel different, our intentions may gather stronger meanings and resonate with us for longer than if we did the same on our own.  This is the power of community.

Bringing women together also helps us healing centuries of collective memory of being unvalued, suppressed and ostracised.  Unity makes us stronger and getting used to being surrounded by strong women is part of our reprogramming.

It is also great fun.  Coming face to face with each other’s differences builds up understanding towards each other and to all women in our lives.



1) I am curious about what can be created when we come together with a common intention.

– What desires arise.

– What requirements become obvious.

– Which preferences are noticed.

Let’s listen to them all.

2) Let’s co-create a space where we define how we contribute and receive.

3) My commitment is to hold the space for us all.

My invitation is for us to be present, open, willing, and in honour.


✨Looking forward to seeing you in person!✨