Creative Relationships

Sun, Feb 16th, Lisbon
Creative Relationships with AR

What if we could tailor-make our relationships so that we could express our deep desires and fears, dreams and jealousy, feel listened to and supported and co-create ecstatic experiences?


Sunday, Feb 16th

09:45 am – 7:00 pm (Doors open 9.30)

Lisbon (Ágora Experimental)


★ Can I speak my truth and still be loved?

★ Is there a way of finding endless fun and freedom in my intimate relationships?

★ Is it possible to handle conflict and feel more connected to the other person?

★ How does it feel to be totally seen with my fears and all my super powers?

You may be single or partnered, in a nontraditional polyamorous formation, of any gender and orientation and you wish to:

★ Have deep and intimate interactions with real people
★ Develop more compassion and empathy with others, even in the middle of conflict
★ Explore your limitations and take yourself to a new level of self awareness
★ Communicate your truth even through the fear of abandonment and rejection
★ Steer the complexities of modern relating, whether choosing traditional or non-conventional waters.


★ Consider each person’s individual values and boundaries
★ Establish agreements that take into consideration each others’ requirements
★ Express ourselves honestly and discuss the challenges that may come with it
★ Discern personal beliefs from those imposed by society and circumstances
★ Share intentions and set up strategies that help developing the relationships we want.


★ A relational technology applicable to real life situations
★ Suitable to practice with everyone, from intimate partners to strangers.
★ Physical embodiment
★ Supportive of community building and bounding.
★ All welcoming.

Authentic Relating is wonderfully appropriate to “creative relationships” because it:

★ Supports clear open conversations,
★ Teaches how to deal with fear of rejection, abandonment, abuse
★ Creates space for healing from trauma and old patterns
★ Brings curiosity and discovery to each interaction
★ Encourages presence and realness.


★ TAKE A JOURNEY through the 5 Practices of Authentic Relating (as thought by ART International)
★ EXPERIENCE how different ways of interacting show up in our life and in our body.
★ PLAY with levels of curiosity, and the vulnerability of opening up. With agreements and rules, and discuss the impact of each
★ LEARN how to reveal and own powerful sentiments and feel nourished by the interactions
★ DISCOVER how to express discomfort without feeling guilty.

This is an experiential event, fully embodied, with body movement and verbal expression planned.
Be prepared to play in group, pairs, and triads, reflect and have enough time to discuss ways to apply this into our real life. Please expect to interact with others, whilst having enough room to do what feels right to you. The workshop will finish with a movement practice led by Anna Maria.

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– Comfortable loose layered clothing
– Bottle of water to refill
– Note book and pen
– morning and afternoon snacks to keep you going


There will be an option of having lunch with tea and a soup for dinner at Agora for 5 EUROS, please let us know if you’ll want to eat at the venue.


Ágora Experimental, Rua Damasceno Monteiro 85
Lisbon, Portugal


Please email to reserve your place and make your payment of:
– 65 euros (before February 12th)
– 70 euros at the door

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About Adriana Candeias
On her research journey, Dr Adriana Candeias started as a biologist and a naturopath, investigating the function of ecosystems and what makes us healthy. In the last decade, she has been applying the concept of sustainability to human connection and relationships, from which she designed several holistic coaching programmes. Adriana’s vast and diverse studies support her work as a wellness strategist, working closely with patients from her clinic in London, lecturing
professionals on the role of pleasure and healing, coaching and facilitating workshops on communication and intimacy. Adriana is the designer and facilitator of the WOMAN OF ME coaching
programme and moderates circles and her international online community . She is often consulted for her unique ability to merge the scientific with the spiritual and considers Authentic Relating one of her most pragmatic and supportive tools for connectedness with ourselves and others.

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