What is to be a woman?

Woman. Female. Feminine.

Have these concepts ever been discussed more than nowadays?

What do they mean?

What is to be one but not the other?

What is to be all and more?

Identity is paramount. Whatever we identify with, it must be honoured, so we feel respected, accepted and included in the community.

Identity discerns us.

Yet it may also be used to separate us. Segregate is. Discriminate us.

In the richness of womanhood, we are a thousand fold different to men. In the diversity of life, we are infinitely similar.

Labels are unbearably reductive in the bliss of human manifestation.

But I use them.

I have a women’s group on Facebook.

Woman-of-Me, it’s called.

As long as one identifies as a woman one can join. Because it is based on connection and I like it to reflect a network of people that exists in the ‘real world’, I prefer members who join to know someone who’s already in it. That’s all.

Then we are all free to contribute on matters that we find relevant to us, in the areas of art and culture, society and politics, health and sexuality, relationships and spirituality, and whatever comes to mind.

And the idea is to reveal that within a group of similar identity, the expression of each is individual and unique, and hopefully diverse, such as its members’s DNA (or at least of those who have an opportunity to post and follow).

Often women feel they lack solidarity, loyalty, and companionship amongst themselves. More than men.
However, when put to test, this is not true. When we observe our differences whilst realising most of us long for, yearn and desire the same… the sisterhood spirit comes alive.

Even on social media.