What if freedom was our new form of security

What if…

With the absolute confirmation that old patterns, old societal systems, old health approaches, old anthropocentric philosophies, male-centred hierarchies, white-privilege and capital-accumulation finances are taking us down the hole of self-destruction…

It seems rather logic that the solutions will come from connecting to each individual where we all are at, not where we all struggle to be.

And that comes out from, dives in and becomes freedom.

Collective freedom.

And with freedom comes responsibility.

Of taking care of ourselves and of each other.

Such a challenge, ambitious, yet such an inspirational goal…

What if…

Let’s take small steps.

First breathe.

Feel the air, the blood, the temperature flowing and changing in our bodies.

Then moving. And keep observing.

Then watching what’s around us.

Then connecting.

Whilst flowing from within outwards and vice-versa.

And discover, bit by bit, the truth of ourselves and in the other.

It feels quite an interesting way of living…

What if freedom was our new form of security…