The WOMAN OF ME Intro Course

4-module online course
Meet your WOMAN OF ME

The WOMAN OF ME © course is destined to the women who which to understand what is that they want in life and how they can achieve it.
Through 4 modules, I’ll take you on a journey of self-discover, visioning your dream and bringing to light your purpose whilst learning a strategy to put in practice your project.


Do you ever ask…
  • Could I lead a more truthful life”.
  • What is that I want? What is that I do not want?
  • How can I be safe in the new situations with new people?
  • How can I express myself without fearing being judged by others?
  • How can I connect more deeply with myself?
  • What is that I need to communicate to others?
  • What is that others do not see in me?
  • Why can’t I be healthier?
  • How can I put in practice a healthy routine that really supports me?
  • Why can’t I put my project in practice?
  • What is that I lack to achieve my dream?
  • What is to be really me?


Through 4 modules, you will
  • define your unique womanhood
  • understand what is limiting you
  • learn areas that need healing in your life
  • be in touch with your longing for a different life
  • identify your true desires, with no-judgement
  • comprehend the link between pleasure and healing
  • gain insight of your inner wisdom and learn how to use it on a daily basis
  • receive guidance from your longings, reflections, and intuition
  • grasp an amazing strategy to overcome obstacles
  • schedule a plan of action to achieve your goals.


The course modules are
  1. Self-awareness. What defines me as a woman. What are my greatest gifts.  What is that is stopping me.  Why I am undervaluing myself and what does ‘self-esteem’ really mean.  What is that I need to unveil to discover my potential.
  2. Desire as an ignition force.  What is that I long for.  What are the possibilities of my desire.  Pleasure as an important factor at a psycho and physiological level.
  3. Authenticity.  Meet my possibilities, my potential, my intention, my vision, my purpose.  Meet my messenger, my inner ally, my WOMAN OF ME.
  4. Tool box – the strategy to fulfil my dreams. What is that I need to achieve my goals.  What obstacles may be holding me back.  What skills may I apply to solve my challenges.


Your course material

Once you register, you will be sent 4 modules consisting of:

  • 1 introductory video about the course and how it works
  • 4 audio files, corresponding to each module.
  • 4 pdf files, related to the themes covered in each module and a set of exercises to deepen the learning.
  • 2 unique guided meditations: “Meet the WOMAN OF ME” and “Decisions from the heart”.



One-off payment £197