There’s no prayer like desire

“There’s no prayer like desire”, Tom Waits


Urban summer requires self-awareness.
Within bricks and wires, sirenes and traffic noises, we must jump onto the opportunity and get what we want.


I could easily join the crowds, get a few pints off the pub, bring a picnic basket to a few simultaneous picnics, or swim in the public unheated lido in the park.

I could. Nothing wrong with those plans.


But when I asked my self what is that I really desire, what is that my body really needs, what is that I normally don’t do because of the weather, how would I like to spend the next few minutes,… I breath deeply and I get my answers.


My very own wishes, independent of what the crowds choose.


And that’s when I cover my body with coconut oil, I lay my mat down to sunbathe, refresh with a bubbly of squeezed limes and I browse my new uploaded kindle library.


In the Urban summer I still find the silence within to first answer to my desire within.
Then, more centred, grounded, and in harmony with my needs…
I find more energy and peace to hop on the bus and still attend that birthday party with a glass of Prosecco. Just.


The importance of finding out our true desires in order to experience healthier relationships with our selves and others.