All means ALL…

Including women.

The voices of dissatisfaction and disagreement but also of solutions and creativity.

The higher pitch in the room.

The natural differential use of vocabulary.

Even of gramar.

The questioning in science, the taste of experiences, the interpretation of results.

If different journeys tailor the forth thinking, being born with a vulva or the willingness of having one is significantly enormous to shape how stories are told.


We all have got to get used because

– male characters in 2000 hollywood films have above 60% of the dialogues in 70% of movies.

– 32% of MP in Parliament are women (UK)

– men report 3x as much of the news as women do (WMC 2017)

– women may account for 29% of talks and 27% of invited speakers at scientific conferences (American Geophysical Union 2016-2018)


I am a woman.

I am not used to listen to women’s speech. Not as much as men’s.

And I may discriminate negatively or positively what I hear when a woman speaks.

We are not used to the discourse of independent, strong, empowered, experienced, capable and creative females. So we are also not used to, and very likely we are rather judgemental, of women’s views on education, relationships, motherhood, health, economics, politics, war, ethnicity, globalisation and ecology.


In order to imagine a better world we must consider we are not accessing the full picture, we have less opportunities to hear the points of over half of the population, and that is slowing down the progress.


Without the illusion we can force statistics (whilst doubting that progress will come directly from bringing these percentages into more balance per se) we may be able to accelerate our evolution by

– 1st understand our limitations in witnessing gender reality;

– 2nd create ways to investigate and extract information about gender reality, and be proactive in that research;

– 3rd savour the unknown challenge that comes by being surrounded by women.


All means ALL.
Including women.


⭕️ WOMAN OF ME circle

– Kundalini meditation and Vision for 2019

– London, Dec 9th