Feeling soft, inwards, reflective.

Nervous to do a retrospective of my 2018 and feeling depressed for not having achieved ALL that I desired, soon after I feel compassionate.
And grateful.
For all my attempts.
For all my conquests.
And for all my choices.
Including those of not attaining.

The message I received from many sources for 2018 was to select and work well on my collaborations.
As I put strength and passion into my projects, I also increased my expectations and my standards.
Whilst I received some of the most elevating testimonials, I have also increased my perfectionism and my self demands almost to supra-human levels.
Control is a tough teacher.

During my autumnal season of reflection, I learned to let go, to welcome changes, to re-evaluate commitments, to see the silver lining.
And that the best way to build the symbiotic relationships with others is by celebrating my own desires, my character, my vision and my needs first. Then surrender to whatever is to be matched.
For whatever is to be matched will come at service to the higher good and consequently will serve me and my partners.

Once again, the laws of nature apply, even to work relationships.
Mother Nature, the endless source of inspiration where all universal laws are represented.

2019’s flavour has not yet been totally revealed.
It may be the year of loving truth expressed.

Also a year of display, of sharing, empowerment.


The year when my WOMAN OF ME programme will be of more of you.

WOMAN OF ME circle.
Lisbon, Dec 5th, 2:30pm


PS May 2019 also be the year of… lipstick. Maybe!