One Year’s reflection

My intention for my first week of the new year is to reflect on my last year.

Such is the gratitude, I shall dedicate respectful time to the challenges and to the achievements..
And here I shall acknowledge my successes:

? The natural elements and the physical sensations I draw out of experiencing them.

? The people I connected with who supported me, worked with me, shared their gifts and gave me love which I took into my new ventures.

? My body, which allows me to feel, to move, to sense, to regenerate, to heal, to remind me of change and of the ephemeral.

? My accumulated knowledge, my new learnings, and the opportunities I had to let it all go and trust an inner wisdom, deeper than my own heart.

? The moments where I perceived an expansion of my limitations, the infinity of existence and the significance of my own grain of sand.

This year I became more of who I am.

And I like it.