Like the birds and the wind, the water and the vale, the sand with the heat, the bees with their sting, rocks with their weight…
We are emotional creatures.

It is what it is. We would not be us without the feelings.

So, the sooner we observe and own the reality of the way we feel, the fast we know ourselves and we can be in awe with life, the wind, the vale, the hear, the sting and the weight.

Then we just feel ‘how’ we feel.

(This post’s quote is from “Come as You Are: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life” a fabulous work by Emily Nagoski , one of the most empowerment books I have read on female sexuality and I refer my clients too.) \

[For more references of great authors and great writings on revolutionary ideas around pleasure and healing follow my posts.  The main point of researching is the one of sharing… ]