Like the birds and the wind, the water and the vale, the sand with the heat, the bees with their sting, rocks with their weight… We are emotional creatures. It is what it is. We would not be us without the feelings. So, the sooner we observe and own the reality of the way we […]

Sexuality is…  

…discovery, a path, instinct, adventure, vibration, relaxing, openness, trust, respect, exploration, freedom, joy, desire, peace, connection, spirituality, orgasm, self-love. … a world of real, felt, expressed, vulnerable, strong hashtags. If my line of work focus on the power of pleasure in our emotional and physical wellbeing, my line of militancy expands into the concept that […]

Better than the Grand Canyon

– “We were there the group of us women (…) [and we] felt connection, calling CONNECTION!”   – “We forgot about the Vagina. Only that way we can explain the lack of awe. But just like the first time you look at the Grand Canyon, we shall forever… remember.”   One year ago our show […]