The WOMAN OF ME © Retreat

Nov 8th-10th 2019 Price: 665 EUR pp (see specs.)
Express your authentic, empowered and intimate self.

Intense and liberating workshop for the wise, abundant and sensual modern woman in you.

  • Can you speak your desires?
  • Are you afraid of being too much?
  • Do you often think of others before yourself?
  • Do you find yourself saying ‘no’ to things you want?
  • Do you yearn for relationships that you can stay true to yourself?
  • Do you believe there is something powerful you can bring to the world but don’t know what?


Lead from the heart and the rest will follow.




In this journey, you tap into the very essence of what makes you an unique woman and from that place you will be inspired to reach for what you need and receive love.  The WOMAN OF ME is your inner wisdom.  Discover Her and allow Her to guide your way. This is a journey for women who cannot afford to stay in denial, ignorance or oblivion anymore.

Modern women need to reconcile all aspects of life in order to perform professionally and experience fulfilling personal lives. This holistic programme, in association with Sublime sustainability-lead select resort, offers an unique experience of self-care, inner-connection and empowerment.


It is the time to develop a deep relationship with yourself.


This coaching programme is for women who wish to find harmony between their hectic life commitments and their personal requirements. Expanding the themes of authenticity & intimacy, I guide you on a journey of self-expression and discovery, teaching leadership skills that you will be able to apply in general with confidence.

The schedule consists of a tailor-made course with guided meditations, visualisation, reflection, and communication exercises.  For a truly physical and emotional healthy experience, the day starts and finishes with Kundalini Yoga (suitable to all levels) and the booking includes 2 nights in luxury villa, breakfast, lunch and dinner (regional seasonal products), free access to the Sublime spa facilities and gym.


Due to its calibre, this is the WOMAN OF ME programme per excellence.



Observe the Self. Arrival circle, definitions & belief systems. What is to be a modern woman, what is my genuine longing. Introduction to the practice of Connect to Self. Naming prejudices. Meeting your WOMAN OF ME, the guide for the weekend.

Curiosity for the Unknown. Lead visioning & purpose in professional and personal life. Discover your true desires and how to speak about them. Learn to set up healthy boundaries, and to be open for the unknown. Communication skills to express my real self.

Exploration of the Whole. Identify obstacles, release fears, call our inner wisdom to find solutions. Play with context and project management in team. Set up personal leadership style and intention.



(arrival Friday at 2:30pm, starting Friday 4pm and ending Sunday 5pm) and includes:

  • Programa WOMAN OF ME – Yoga & Leadership
  • 2 nights accommodation shared twin room in luxury villa
  • 2 breakfast, lunch, dinner (+ non-alcoholic drinks)
  • healthy snacks during workshops
  • 2 Kundalini yoga sessions (90 mins)
  • 2 Kundalini yoga meditation sessions (60 mins)
  • Free access to Spa facilities (steam room, sauna & swimming pool)
  • Free access to the gym
  • Free bike hire (to explore the surrounding landscape)
  • double individual room supplement booking + 200 EUR

*Travel to and from the venue is not included.




  • 14:30 arrivals and settling in
  • 16:00 SESSION 1
  • 19:00 dinner
  • 20:30 Q&A – MEDITATION


  • 9:00 breakfast
  • 10:00 SESSION 2
  • 13:00 lunch
  • 14:30 SESSION 3
  • 17:30 break
  • 19:00 dinner
  • 20:30 Q&A – MEDITATION


  • 9:00 breakfast
  • 10:00 SESSION 4
  • 13:00 lunch
  • 14:30 SESSION 5
  • 17:30 departure



This training is delivered in the course of two and a half days, with a sequence of different subject sessions of 90 mins intercalated by main meals and several short breaks. I will guide you through a thoroughly tested and proven sequence of exercises designed to teach you the most powerful tools to reflect and express yourself, create and deepen connection with others.

Following each solo, dyad or triad exercise, I will lead group conversation to ensure maximum learning. I have also allocated some extra time for Q&A regarding female health, intimacy and relationships to provide each participant with an opportunity to have her individual interests met.

Kundalini yoga sessions (suitable to all levels) are offered before breakfast and meditation is lead after the evening last session. The schedule includes a longer break in the afternoon particularly designed for spa bookings or extra activities at the resort.



Due to the nature of this training, partial attendance to the weekend is NOT permitted.  Participants are expected to be present during the whole programme.  The course does not serve as therapy and no diagnose will be given at any stage.  Your participation to this training is strictly confidential.  All course material is copyright protected and no part may be stored and/or transmitted without author’s written permission.


WHO is this for

The WOMAN OF ME programme is destined to a wide audience of women who have identified reaching a life change stage, either choosing a new career, stepping up to a new leadership role, relationship, motherhood or simply a wider space for self-care.  This immersion retreat is particularly reserved to those looking for a nourishing break, to learn new skills and personal growth in privacy, surrounded by nature and quietness, in a beautiful location with exquisite food.



Reservations must be made until Oct 24th
For more information, please contact

*If you wish to discuss more details about this programme and decide whether this is for you, you may me here



– no refund after a month before event



Nestled on a stunning 17 hectare estate, surrounded by undulating umbrella pines and cork trees, wild sand dunes, stunning rice fields and over 60km of pristine, white-sand beaches is Sublime Comporta – a magical, unspoiled place yet to be discovered.

Only one hour from a European capital, here wildlife is abundant, time seems to stand still and one has the possibility to experience all that is genuine and authentic. Rich in cultural heritage, with a welcoming local population, great foods and wines, Sublime Comporta offers a combination of tranquility and simplicity that is both addictive and inspiring, reminding us of the magic of experiencing more with less.

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