Are you ever at ‘home’?

There is this moment when I turn my body towards him, my chest touches his, the arm lands on his rib cage, my hand around his neck and fingers touching his ear lobe, my leg bends on top of his, my head fits with his collar bone and my face… rests.
I am home.


There is this moment when I am telling stories to a dear friend, hearing the sound of our laughter, the suspended silence in between, the flow of words from one mind to the other, the knowing of what’s coming next and the bubbly vibration on the chest by witnessing our deep intimacy…. confirming.
I am home.


There is this moment when the thoughts are like a ping pong ball, bouncing between the pros and cons of a situation, comparing, inferring, weighing, choosing. The ascent and descent of the ball, the thoughts from the negative and positive minds becomes shorter and shorter and the neutrality starts showing up. The non-judgement, the trust and the ‘allowing’ replace fear and excitement. I am in a meditative mind state and I… contemplate.
I am home.


There’s nothing like the moment of ‘feeling at home’.
The sensations that run through my body when I arrive and I am at a place where I know I come from and where I belong.
Departing, travelling, discovering and exploring are also ecstatic as the dreamer and the adventure in me knows so well. But there is no place like home.
And what is home?


The moments when I am present, I am connected, I am recognised, I am accepted.
That’s home.