Freedom is…

Definition of freedom. Where my feet take me may well be just what I need. Roaming the streets of Kings Cross, finishing some work chores, and preparing to go to an intimate party I realise the introvert in me needed tending. Apologetically I cancelled my social arrangements knowing my dear friends would also honour my […]

A prayer to self

May the long time sun Shine upon you All love Surround you And the pure light within you Guide your way on I’ve created my first melody to one of our Kundalini Yoga prayers, a few days before my sitting exam to become a KY teacher. ? I’m inspired by all teachings I have been […]

My own experience…

Practicing sadhana, 40 days of ‘cross heart Kirtan kriya’, the process was not linear. We are not linear. Some days 31 minutes were as smooth as candy sucking. Others, everything ache. Others it was as if my mind was everywhere else but in the room with my chanting. Still other times the distraction was so […]

The 5th step is Grace

Why would smoothness and elegance of movement be important in the path of happiness? Why would effortless good will be important. Why would manners and decorum be important? Why would distinction and honour be important? Why would the quality to magnify and elevate be important? In the commitment to develop character and dignifying the divinity […]

The 4th step is Divinity.

The forbidden words. For an atheist scientific person words such divine, blessing and grace have a heavy, castrating meaning. Let alone god and heaven. Mankind experience within this Universe was itself wonderful enough, the belief in Humanity blind enough, and the sense of fairness overwhelming enough to deny the need to believe in a judging […]

“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Well, there’s nothing strange about their case. We have parts of us we choose not to express. We behave differently according to our surrounding, and often we shape our emotional wrapping depending on who we are with.   Then, when we become intimate and safe with others our wrapping becomes more transparent. The voices raise, […]