The 5th step is Grace

Why would smoothness and elegance of movement be important in the path of happiness?

Why would effortless good will be important.

Why would manners and decorum be important?

Why would distinction and honour be important?

Why would the quality to magnify and elevate be important?

In the commitment to develop character and dignifying the divinity within, try it, feel it.
I expand, I walk taller, I express a wider space, metaphorically wearing a crown, there is more light, around me, shining through my eyes, decorating everything I do graciously.

In the loop of easing my steps, I feel at peace.

All is continuous, organically uninterrupted, evolving, transforming, aligned.
Come on, try it.
With your grace.

(inspired by “Seven Steps to Happiness” by Yogi Bhajan 5/7)