The 4th step is Divinity.

The forbidden words.

For an atheist scientific person words such divine, blessing and grace have a heavy, castrating meaning. Let alone god and heaven.

Mankind experience within this Universe was itself wonderful enough, the belief in Humanity blind enough, and the sense of fairness overwhelming enough to deny the need to believe in a judging and saving external force.

Free human beings were accountable enough, mature enough, kind enough to need nothing but themselves to design and project the sustainable and progressive society we believed to be possible at home.

Nature was in itself perfect enough, balanced enough, omnipotent enough to justify the wonders of life, the bliss of being but a part of the most amazing intricate ecosystems, if only we took care of it.


Those “religious” terms, which at home were associated with the misogynistic, classicist and oligarchic church, were indeed thrown out with the bath water.

And it was only when life proved to be the spiritual experience that it is today that I battled with the barriers against prejudice and reclaimed the real meaning of these words.

My love for people, my ecstatic states of connection, my witnessing of birth and children, my awe for all the animals and beings I studied (even the ‘ugly ones’) were testimonies to an unexplained force that unites us all. As a biologist, I called it Life and I was devoted to Nature.

Then, with the practice of Kundalini yoga and other expanded consciousness branches I confirmed that that ‘Life’ exists within me and is independent of I.

That the knowledge of my possibilities as a human are limited by my intellectual reasoning and that my body is able to feel more than 5 senses.

I realised that taking away those ‘spiritual’ words and ‘educating’ people not to use them is also a way of controlling them. Because once we acknowledge there is Divinity, that divinity is to become connected with Life and that divinity is within us, each of us, we connect with others from that place of identity and communion.

When we know we are One then we are closer to be free.

(inspired by “Seven Steps to Happiness” by Yogi Bhajan 4/7)