When do we feel in love?

How does it feel in our body?

Heat? Vibration? Watery eyes? Belly expansion? Contraction? Arousal?

Close your eyes, what comes to your mind?

His eyes? Her laughter? A drawing? A tune? A poem?

Remember a moment when friendship felt so right?

What was happening?

Did you share the taste for the same things? Did you have the same interests? Were you talking about a future collaboration? Were you talking about moving in together and having children? Or imagining a fairer, sustainable, healed society together?

Or was that moment of love when you felt heard, seen, witnessed?

In the moment, that’s where knowing each other happens. And in sharing whatever is present in that moment, we feel closer.

Relationships and emotions are not just in the mind, not just in the heart, or even the spirit. Emotions and connection are hormonal, physiological, like the heart beat. .

We often evaluate relationships based on what we can plan, the dreams we share in the awaiting of things we built together.

But the future is the time for predictions, not the experience.

We can only meet and be together in the now. And that’s the only place we can truly be in our relationships.