“The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

Well, there’s nothing strange about their case. We have parts of us we choose not to express. We behave differently according to our surrounding, and often we shape our emotional wrapping depending on who we are with.


Then, when we become intimate and safe with others our wrapping becomes more transparent.

The voices raise, the tears shed, the claiming words are spoken, the non-conformed cry is expressed and we unveil the ‘unknown’ to others.


I believe our Mr Hyde comes from the same place where passion is born. The untamed desire and the need for connection and adventure of experiencing more.

The problem is that Mr Hyde is destructive.

The dark side of our unsatisfied-self accumulates so much suppression and resentment that it may only be expressed with fear, doubt, rage.


The fact is that whether in light or darkness we are a singular unit and our adequacy is only dependent on context. The qualities we have in a certain situation may be weaknesses in another.


The outspokenness may be seen as shocking.

The ability to listen may be a mask for inhibition.

The caring may turn into controlling.


But also…

the fearful may be the protective

the hesitant may be the effective

the angry may be the revolutionary


What helps me to be a holistic practitioner one day may prevent my ability to focus the next. What makes me innocent and guiltless in my relationships may help me forget and forgive my heartbreaks more easily. What makes me loud, dense and deep in my communication may support me to write passionate and inspiring articles for others to read.


No part of myself is incompatible with another.


So in a full spectrum of situations, when I authorise the true rather than the standard behaviours to come through, I can witness my reactions, I am in a better position to discern between my Hyde and my Jekyll and I can choose to transform them into conscious responses.

Only then I will know.