Living in the shadow… no more.

(This post is prompted by the indignation felt and experienced by conscious people facing the present dynamics around human rights on social media. We know who we are.)


There has been times when turning into clandestinity was the only solution for those who were prosecuted for their ideals and actions to establish a fairer society. In some parts of the world, it still is. But whilst we may have got used to the fugitive character of Hollywood movies, going underground is never taken lightly in real life.

Standing for our rights, when living in true oppression, does take a little bit more than a profile picture change or a ranting post on social media.


But oppression has many layers, and whilst in the West we believe to practise democracy, that our fundamental rights are a given and that public services are at the service of the public, globalisation and the www has informed us of what’s happening in places we have never visited, that there are different ways of being in society, that the planet is aching and that our pains are not unique to us but to many other humans around the globe.

Specifically, that women of all origins are enduring suppression, repression and abuse. Not only for their political ideologies. But simply because of the fact that we can bear children. Not just ‘our’ children but all children.


Oppressive regimes have found that the most efficient way to keep humanity from progressing into more advance levels is ‘simply’ by annihilating citizens who bear the children of society.

In the karmic fear of being incarcerated for our thoughts and our actions we have inherited the automatic reaction to stay quiet, to speak easy within four walls, to share our indignation in specific blogs, to demonstrate at certain dates of the calendar only, to make sure we associate ourselves with famous hashtags groups.


And I ask: How much change will we bring by staying quiet? How much progress will we lead if we stay waiting for permission?


So, even with a profile picture change or a ranting post on social media, we conform to the idea things can carry on just the way they are.

With women living in the shadow.

No more.


It is time to be truly ourselves.

And we are not to conform.

We shall not ask for permission.

We shall bring the light forth.

Not in the shadow.

No more.