Looking up… the journey.

Looking up even when things seem to be upon me,… is a journey.


Stay with what there is.

Sadness, the longing, the tremendous unknown territory of what is wrong when everything is just right.

And then, through wet eyes, blocked nose, finding the breath, finding the focus, the Sat nam. Allow it to fire the calmness that brings me back to within. Passed the stories, the triggers, from this place I find the strength to love my body. Stay within, with the breath, where there is no war.


The pain subsides.

Moves through.

In meditation, I find the parts of my body that need caring. Where trauma was awakened.

And with tenderness, I repeat “I’m here. I love you.”


Then the message comes.

What is that I really want.

What is that needs to speak.

Without effort, without logic and reasoning, the answers come. At bed time, I write them down.

And I manage to look up.


I thank the process that allows me to feel, to hear, to see what’s there, beyond the interpretations of conditioning, trauma, beliefs.

I am. I am.

The truth of the now.


This is the journey of my Woman-of-Me, continuous and rewarding.


“If you got a low

I’ll be your sail

Find the light source

In the storm in your head

(Ooh ooh)

Gone for three days

Just like the moon

Voices echo

In the back of the night

(Ooh ooh)

There is no war

There is no pain

In the first race

We are born again”

(“Book of the Moon” by Fionn Regan)

Photo credit: Hå hå