Connecting with my fellow beings.

The multiverse version of our existence considers different Kingdoms of consciousness, where ‘things’ show different matter, shapes, skills, qualities, and focus.
Classification from minerals, to plants, to deities, to laws of natures, virtues help us to observe and comprehend everything around us. Or at least try.
I find it helps me to connect with other beings.


Knowing we are more than what the mind and the body manifests at a given time, that there is a past, multi-level conditioning, needs and capacities allow observance, tolerance, acceptance, and awe for what there is.
And everything there is.


I still rejoice on this moment of connection with this being.
And how, without verbal or even directed interaction, my mind expanded, became alert, still and totally mindful during this close contact.


My fellow being.
Our Selves, connected.
Made out of the same matter, different shape, who knows which skills, qualities and focus we share…


And as inhabitants of the same Universe, I feel we can only care for each other. As one.
And why it feels so wrong to damage our planet and each being living and non-living in it, because it is as if damaging myself.


My Mother Earth protective instinct calling again.

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