The 3rd Step is Dignity

It’s conscientious.

Spend a few moments observing nature, really seeing it.

Long enough so we follow the trail of an ant and her hesitations and changes of direction, wide enough so we follow the unpredictable flight and pauses of a small bird from tree brunch to tree brunch, quiet enough so we hear and imagine the breathing of that tree.

Learn how spiders weave their webs, how coots build their nest, how bees choose their flowers, how flowers open up to the sun, and we will be in pure love for all beings, their diversity, their uniqueness, their place in the fabric of ecosystems.

Observing the interdependent beings around us we, inevitably, appreciate that all are needed.

We, individually, are all needed.

We, individually, are all precious.

We, individually, are all worthy of respect.

The honour of a having place under the sun.

What ecstasy is to know we exist, in sparkles, we are magnificent in our own significance, within the context of the community, we delight in the pleasure of be living and we radiate the great joy from and towards the collective.

In our own uniqueness, there is no need for approval.

Beyond the barriers of right & wrong, committed to the path of seeing beyond duality, we understand now that joy is distinctive to each individual.

So only I, personally, know what joy is to myself and only I can find out how to get there.

Dignity is a self-proclaimed quality.

I believe in a conscious society, where the collective brings the necessary conditions so each individual may find their own dignity.

Thus, a conscious teacher shall allow the space for unique experiences, unique paths, unique answers. Furthermore, in a conscious relationship one observes the other on their own self-respect and self-care. .

Just like when we spend a few moments observing nature, really seeing it.

(inspired by “Seven Steps to Happiness” by Yogi Bhajan 3/7)