The beauty of unrealised dreams.

“On the track, I must stop.

I take a look.

Long, tall, different, expanded.

What is around me?  

The beauty of the landscape I so very well know and I fall in love with as if for the first time, every time.  

Or as if for the last time.  

I shall not miss a sight.  

Miss a sound.  

Miss a grain of sand.  

What is that there is always something unseen, unknown, unnoticed, unveiled…  

Nothing has ever been just like this. And yet, nothing is new. The unique, unpredictable sunset, over the endless constant sea.”  


I long for newness, innocence, naivety, in total absolute familiarity, safety, trust with others.

To belong.

What if I could face the other with the same curiosity I have for yet another sunset, and with the same detachment I have for the ground beneath my feet?


What if I could be seen with the newness of each sea wave and with the same acceptance as to the invisible sun rays?


To meet.

To be met.

When I stop, I can see, I reflect, I devote… I take a deep breath and I return to my dream.



I resume my steps, on my unchartered track, on the same ancient untouched sand, as if for the first time, or the last, over and over again. I resume my steps as many times as needed so I stop and see. Really see.”