The empowerment of all

It’s historical.  Biological.  Sustainable even.  Two birds with one stone.

It’s why feminism is the militancy towards equal opportunities to all.  In understanding that by empowering women, mothers and grandmothers, all members of society, independently of their gender, are empowered too.


What does empowerment mean, this so in-fashion word?

The belief and the condition that one is respected for being themselves and others, within and beyond their capacity.


So why women?

If you are still asking why you must come to my events on Primal Health.

And if you are a woman join my WOMAN OF ME circle, in central London, Dec 9th.



What is to set heart-centred goals?

What is to make decisions from the heart?

What if I am hurt, how can I trust my heart to show me the way?


We will be using the mind, the body, meditation, writing and ritual to get us with a pretty inspiring dream and visionary plan for the future. And how to tap into the heart always as a reference point. Opening the heart we are never lonely, because we open up to ourselves and the divinity within.


I’ll be teaching my Tool Box ©, and you will never see your obstacles the same ways ever again.


The last WOMAN OF ME event of the year, it will be great to see London participants for a gathering and connection.

If you are NOT in London keep your eyes peeled to join my online programme very soon. The journey will be launched at the circle too.

It will be a great time for celebration!


Places are limited. Book early.