…through tough times.

There is grief and there is looking away.

There is anger and there is putting up a face.

There’s fear and there is hiding.

And then there is presence.

With whatever there is.

Tough days are these.

Environmental disasters, political shocking panoramas, gender and racial persecutions… I mean, what is there that’s not happening?

I ask my Facebook friends to post the positive news. The Brazilians also love their children…

Where are the alternatives?

Things are tough these days.

I have so many emotions running through.

And then there are the unpredictable changes at work. After all, I deal with humans. Us, interesting and complex human beings. What was I expecting, a precise prognostic over the life of us all? When it comes to projects and clients can’t really rely on mathematic algorithms. I’ve got my Spotify suggested playlist for that, which is chaotic enough.


I’m present.

I’m in the room.

I sense my self.

I look around.

And I sense the collective.

The plan is still what needs to be.

The journey is unstoppable.

I am the observer.

And the landscape is amazing.

What an amazing time to be alive.

I wash my face and I drop expectations.

Nothing is a surprise and yet everything is new and fresh every day.

And I’ve got a purpose.




I am not looking away, nor putting up a face nor hiding.

Things are just tough some times.